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Using beautifully nuanced prose and taut pacing, Redfearn skillfully weaves a gripping tale about the dark side of suburbia. This is top-notch storytelling! - Alyson Noel #1 NYT Bestselling Author


Beware! This psychologically astute, swiftly paced story will leave you wondering "what if" even after the last page is turned. - Christina Schwarz, NYT Bestselling Author


Chillingly realistic and pulsating with suspense, this deftly told story will leave you breathless. - Heather Gudenkauf, NYT Bestselling Author


Redfearn’s latest novel addresses hidden abuse and the lengths a mother will go to in order to protect the children she loves. With clear, efficient dialogue and authentic scenes, this story rings universal. Equal parts suspenseful and moving, Redfearn’s skillfully told, candid story flows easily within a well-defined plot, making this novel a stunning and captivating read. - RT Book Reviews Top Pick


This snappily paced, cinematic novel about the dysfunctional modern American family from architect and first-time author Redfearn contains heavy doses of violence, danger, and fear. Events hurtle along with great urgency to a rousing climax. A smart, suspenseful debut. - Publisher's Weekly


Redfearn's debut ratchets up the tension page by page. Every character hides something, and each surprising revelation torques the plot further. The emotional and physical injuries mount, driving inexorably toward a surprising climax. A compelling tale of the deceit, violation and anguish that undergrid the myth of suburbia. - Kirkus Reviews


Redfearn's latest is written with the sweet honesty that addresses the lengths a mother will go to care for her children. From a deeply emotinal place, Redfearn writes with a beautiful rawness that captures the emotions of the characters. Steady pacing, heartfelt dialogue, and intense conflict make this story an extraordinary read. - RT Book Reviews Top Pick